Tricia is a Principal Trainer at Barreworks, and has extensive theoretical and practical experience in yoga, pilates and dance. Tricia’s love for movement began in dance classes as a very young girl. While completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance Dance at Ryerson University, this passion for movement evolved into a curiosity of the human body and wellness. Tricia continued her profession in movement while completing her Hatha Yoga teacher training with The World Conscious Yoga Family, who teach a holistic approach to yoga. Tricia also teaches STOTT Pilates mat and reformer, Schwinn spin, TRX suspention trainer, Grid foam roller, and specializes in Pelvic floor, diastasis, and post natal rehab. With such a diverse skill set, Tricia’s classes are always tailored to who is in the class and what they wish to focus on in that present moment. Tricia brings energy, focus, and a deep understanding of body awareness to each class and encourages students to follow personal and balanced wellness regimes tailored to their fitness level. Tricia’s classes are designed to enhance student’s lives physically and mentally, in a comfortable, friendly, fun and secure environment.

Tricia is a Barreworks Personal Trainer available for sessions through the class schedule.

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