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The energy level and enthusiasm the instructions bring with them makes you want to work hard and push to achieve certain goals for yourself. I not only feel great physically but mentally as well. It's all about mind over matter at the end of the day, ain't it? If you want a place where you can have fun and feel good about yourself this is a place for you.

Vinoshka B.


I joined Barreworks to get fit for my milestone destination birthday! The results were quick, my body became sculpted & my strength renewed. I'm a client for life. The staff & clients make every workout fun & challenging. Thanks Joanna, Johnny, Mateo, & staff.

Judith A.


Barreworks has the most positive & beautiful energy that I had never experienced at a gym before…The personal training sessions with Paulina have taken my fitness to a whole new level, as she has pushed me far beyond any place I thought I could reach.

Tammy L.

Kevin M.

Barreworks is a world-class facility in every way – from the quality of their classes, their caring client support, their attention to detail and their community support for local businesses. At the centre of this exceptional business, Barreworks has created a community of high-caliber instructors who deliver the best fitness methodology in the industry. Barreworks purposefully empowers their clients through fitness.

Kevin M.


Barreworks... is a one stop shop. I literally get everything I need in 1-hour!... I have really seen a difference in my strength & toning since I have been working out at Barreworks. I feel a lot better about myself & am so glad I have a place where I can enjoy my workout.

Hayla R.


Barreworks has changed the way I approach life. By investing in myself... I’m more thoughtful, have secured greater peace of mind & feel strong enough to take on what life throws my way. It doesn’t matter what mood I’m in when I arrive - I’m channelling Olivia Pope when I leave.

Nicole P.

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