May 29, 2021

Written by: Sachi Thorpe

Ever found yourself struggling to keep up with a fitness routine? You buy yourself cute new athleticwear, set some goals, and start the week off strong with a few morning workouts… But then, along the way, you slowly start to lose focus and the motivation seems to have disappeared!

Here at Barreworks, we know the struggle all too well, heck don’t we all! This is the exact reason why we launched our on-demand challenges on Barreworks at Home. Choose between a 14-Day Booty Builder Challenge with Jessica OR a 14-Day Full Body Burn Challenge with Paulina that you can do anytime, anywhere.

By sticking to a short-term challenge, you’re guaranteed to notice numerous positive benefits, not only as you workout but as you move through your day-to-day life. Fitness challenges are amazing for setting the stage and leading to the formation of new, healthier habits. Let’s break down 4 key benefits of our on-demand fitness challenges.


1 – A consistent structure

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, results come from consistency. Fitness challenges provide you with the perfect amount of structure, allowing you to progressively build on your workouts while taking all of the guesswork out. By having a set start and finish, you’re able to confidently keep moving forward, knowing that you’re on the right track, and doing the correct movements for whatever your targeted goal might be. (Keep in mind that spot training is a myth, as you can’t achieve weight loss or muscle definition in one area without affecting other parts of the body.)





2 – Work through at your own pace

So now you know what workouts you’re going to be doing but when to start? The best part about our on-demand challenges is that you can complete them at any time and work them into your natural schedule. Along with the ability to start at any time, they also give you the flexibility to pause or take a day off to rest or deal with whatever life is throwing at you that day. When you’re ready, simply jump back in where you left off!







3 – Track your progress

When you’re on your own and creating the schedule yourself, it can be difficult to see the process you’ve made. With regular exercise, it’s tempting to mash up random workouts, or simply skip a few days. On-demand challenges help keep you accountable and allow you to see your progress throughout a couple of weeks. It’s crucial to take a moment before and after the challenge to take note of how you feel on day 1 vs. day 14.







4 – Add a little spice🌶

Our on-demand workout challenges are an amazing way to spice up your regular routine. Maybe you find yourself plateauing, or perhaps your usual classes are just not as exciting as they once were… It’s important to choose a challenge that you think you’ll enjoy and that sounds exciting to you, rather than something you feel like you should do.




As you can see, there are so many benefits and we hope that at least one has connected with you. Ready to explore our challenges and pick one to start today? Try out our 7-Day free trial only on Barreworks at Home.


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