5 Reasons You’ll Feel Your Best with Barreworks

Working from home has led many of us to lead more static lives, which often causes increased tension and tightness in the body. Sound familiar? Here’s how you can fix that.

Written by: Sachi Thorpe

For those of us who are used to moving every day, this pandemic has been a major shock on our bodies. Even those of us working a 9-5 in an office would at least have been spending time traveling to and from work.  Nowadays, that commute has been shortened to rolling out of bed and walking to another room. Not to deny us those steps, but that just doesn’t cut it. Our bodies crave movement. 

Simply put, working from home has led to more static lives which often leads to increased tension and tightness in the body. While this is more evident for many of us due to the pandemic, our technology-led lifestyle can also be held responsible for the formation of negative physical habits. Hunched over your laptop for hours on end? Sitting in poor posture during endless Zoom meetings? Slouching while scrolling on your smartphone? For many of us, we spend our days sitting in weird pretzel-like positions.

Since it’s likely we’ll be working from home for the foreseeable future, it’s important to find ways to counteract what’s happening within, through regular, functional movement. 

Ready to learn how Barreworks classes can get you back to feeling your best?  

Meet Barreworks at Home: our on demand and live class platform with dozens of fun and challenging classes that strengthen and stabilize the entire body, while improving posture and alignment. Our world class instructors will have you working up a sweat as they guide you through classes with engaging cueing and upbeat music! From barre to Pilates to cardio and more, you’ll step up your workout in a whole new way.  

What is functional movement? Functional movement teaches us to engage our joints and muscles properly, which results in pain-free, effortless movements, both while working out and in our daily lives. This is the basis of the Barreworks methodology, to help best support us as we move throughout our day. Bonus: functional movement workouts mitigate our risk of injury, and reduce tension and inflammation in the body.

Alright, you get it. So, here’s how our classes can get your feeling your BEST.

1. Improve your Posture

Slouching in front of a laptop or computer causes our upper body to contract and tense up. Remember that Superhero pose we were taught to help boost our confidence? We want to be channeling that all day, even when typing emails, which means engaging our pectoral muscles (upper chest). These muscles help us move our shoulders and create stability for the shoulder blades. As we become accustomed to poor posture, our pectoral muscles shorten, creating rounding in our upper body.

How Barreworks helps: Our classes will provide you with numerous exercises to help you release and open up those tight pectoral muscles, thus improving your posture. Pro tip: our upper body and stretch classes are perfect for this!

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2. Strengthen your Core to Rid of Back Pain

Been feeling more back pain than usual? 99% of the time it’s from a lack of core engagement. When we sit for long periods of time, we deactivate our core muscles. Since our core acts in unison with our back muscles when bending, lifting, or stretching, a weak core is often the cause of pain in the back.

How Barreworks helps: Core strengthening is a crucial component of every single Barreworks class. We target and engage the muscles in the core 360-degrees, so that you can move with power, and prevent pain related to a weak core. Short on time? Try our 15 or 30-minute core-focused classes!

3. Train Muscle Memory to Help Carry You Through Your Day

Similar to point #1, if we spend most of our day hunched over, our spinal cords are being stretched well beyond the healthy limit and our poor posture leads to spinal compression. This can also occur if we are sleeping in unaligned positions. What does this mean for you? Hello stiffness, neck pain and headaches. Yuck. 

How Barreworks helps: Our classes use repetitive, functional movement sequences, designed to open back muscles and lengthen the spine, from warm up to cool down. These movements will have you feeling looser, decompressed and stretched out. By regularly practicing barre, your muscle memory will kick in, properly activating your muscles as you go throughout the day. Buh-bye stiffness, neck pain and headaches.

4. Wake Up your Booty

With a heavy focus in the media on “booty gains”, what is often overlooked is the functional importance of strong glutes. Yes, our classes will absolutely help you sculpt your booty and work towards your personal goals, but more importantly, they will allow you to combat “dead butt syndrome.”


“Dead butt” syndrome refers to the pain and discomfort we feel in our lower back and glutes from inactivity. This is caused by a combination of weak glutes and tight muscles from too much sitting. Aka our butts are literally falling asleep! This can lead to our glutes failing to fire properly even when performing exercises meant to target them. Yeah, no thank you.

How Barreworks helps: The best way to combat “dead butt” syndrome is to stay active as much as possible. We have countless exercises that work to not only target but re-activate our booty. From single-leg work to squats and lunges, trust us, you’ll be feeling the burn in no time. 

5. Improve Your Mood, Energy Levels and Mental Health

We believe in a holistic approach to one’s health, so prioritizing mental health is key. There have been numerous studies outlining the benefits of movement on mental health. Daily activity can boost your mood, increase your energy, reduce depression and anxiety, combat memory loss and improve sleep. According to a recent study by Stats Can surveying Canadians during the pandemic: those who perceived better mental health were more likely to have exercised regularly.

How Barreworks helps: Between our upbeat music, engaging instructors, and dynamic classes, it’s almost impossible not to boost your mood. Hello endorphins! We offer 15 – 50 minute classes to fit your schedule. Short on time? End your day with a 15-minute stretch to unwind and release any lingering tension in your body. If you’re sick of feeling sluggish and ready to start feeling energized and vibrant again, start your 7-day free trial with Barreworks at Home!

Reminder: Listen to your body. Rest days are always encouraged as they allow time for your body to recover and prevent muscle fatigue. If you have questions on how to optimize your workouts, reach out to us at: info@barreworks.ca

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