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Meet the Barreworks exercise system – a workout that blends functional strength and mobility training with the dynamic flow of dance.  Our muscle sculpting and stress relieving workouts will leave you feeling strong and energized.



Discover your power in our muscle toning, endurance building classes that will create functional strength and mobility from head to toe.


Get your heart pumping and sweat dripping! From HIIT inspired classes to dance cardio, you’ll build cardio endurance, boost your metabolism, and create muscular strength.


Available in 15, 30, and 50-minute lengths, our functional movement methodology will improve your posture and alignment, while building strength and endurance. From our signature full body classes to short targeted workouts, experience the perfect balance of muscle sculpting and cardio. Are you ready for your first barre fitness class?


Learn to move efficiently with challenging, low impact exercises that will build strength, flexibility and mobility in your core and throughout your entire body.


Enhance your recovery with a restorative stretch that will increase flexibility and alleviate sore, tired muscles.

✸ Barre fitness classes online ✸ Barre fitness classes online ✸

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Meet Your Instructors

Inspired by the barre fitness sensation in New York and Los Angeles, the Barreworks exercise system was carefully crafted by a dedicated team of certified fitness, yoga and dance professionals along with functional movement specialists.
barre fitness classes online

Founded in 2012, Barreworks was the first Toronto studio to specialize in barre-based fitness classes.







Learn from the best in the biz and join the growing group of fitness instructors who are Certified by Barreworks.

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